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In 1: The Intern, Suzie Q comes from Nova Academy, “one of the finest high schools in the country.” She scored/scores high on Languages and Linguistics.

There are a few phrases that appear throughout the book, in a language other than English. Here are a few excerpts.

1. Hueles rico / Spanish

Excerpt from Chapter 3:

“I speak a couple of languages,” I say, “like Spanish and Mandarin. I think Spanish is a real sexy language.”

Hueles rico,” he says in fluent Spanish. He leans in. “You smell good,” he whispers.

I don’t know what to think. Is he flirting with me?

2. coureur de jupons (womanizer) / French

Excerpt from Chapter 6:

“Stefan,” she says to him in a sharp, “I-wish-you’d-stop-it” kind of tone as she steps towards him. Both are still hidden by the stage curtain. To the audience, that is. Then she fires off something to him in another language. It sounds French. She says something that sounds like “coureur de jupons,” and tugs on her skirt angrily when she says that.

3. non ije ppajyo borosso / Korean

“Hello.” This is the time Toshio chooses to appear. “How was the Six to Five party yesterday?”

The private party for Jo.Zee’s friend’s new clothing line.

“Okay,” Jo.Zee says to him. “How’s the Rainism dance going?”

“Bad. I trip at the non ije ppajyo borosso part.”

If I’m not wrong, that’s Korean for, “Now you’ve completely fallen in.”

I don’t hear much else because I’m more focused on mentally strangling the brainless, senseless, witless, clueless dude for interrupting a moment of opportunity. I look out to the sea for a while, enjoying the view, then continue to eavesdrop on their conversation.

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P.S. Here is a small sample of phrases in various languages (that don’t appear in 1: The Intern, but are interesting nonetheless):

1. ba wo de ai qing huan gei wo / “Return the love that I gave to you”/ Mandarin (a really nice and famous song by Teresa Teng!)

2. Ouçam à vários, falem com poucos / “Listen to many, speak to a few” / Portuguese

3. aut viam inveniam aut faciam / “I will either find a way or make one” / Latin (beautiful language)

4. Mía glóssa then íne poté arketí / “One language is never enough” / Greek

5. maa gridhah kas-ya-swid-dha-nam / “Do not covet others’ wealth / ancient Sanskrit

6. Nôû töøng khuùc ruoät / “Blow my mind” and/or “extreme pleasure” / Vietnamese

7. Raucht Ihnen der Kopf / “Does your head spin?” / German

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P.P.S. A smattering of Spanish and Mandarin appear in a couple of my other books (not in the SINS07 series). Wonder what languages I’ll feature next time!