Praise and reviews for 1: The Intern (Book #1 in the Sins07 Series).

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“Loved the playful voice, and going through Suzie Q’s journey. Laced with humor, it tickled me throughout. A fun, satisfying read, with bonus dance steps—liked the twist at the end! Keep the series coming.”
— Jason Ancona, author of C.Y.A / Covert Youth Agency

* * *

“Love the concept and the voice is very relatable…I was hooked, and Chester won [my] affections!”
— Vanessa Di Gregorio, former intern @ The Rights Factory literary agency, March 2010

* * *

“The characters are actually well developed…the story does keep moving along for the most part; there comes an interesting plot twist near the end which I completely did not expect and which gives the story more meaning.”
— Senior editor, May 2010

* * *

[1: The Intern] is a fun read filled with characters that are very easy to find yourself caring about. The book is a first in a series dealing with the seven deadly sins. With this book is Young Adult fiction taking on “Lust”.

The story is about real friendship as Suzie Q & Chester get a summer job in the big city as interns. On their adventure Suzie finds herself getting caught up in one of her biggest passions, dance.

She meets and falls for one of the most talented in the field of Hip Hop dance. The story gives you a fun look into the world of dance competition and the dedication that is put into it.

Along the way we find mystery surrounding her new crush that she tries to figure out where she stands with him. Then comes a nice twist to the story that shows just who your friends are.

Great characters and a fascinating look at today’s culture.”
Kipp Poe Speicher, independent filmmaker/author, August 2010

* * *

“Despite the ‘lust’ [Suzie] feels for Josh, there is a certain innocence about Suzie, which I can’t help but like.

Every character was well-developed. I especially liked Chester.

What I liked best about the book was the description of the dancing. I love how Jess describes dance moves. They have been so vividly described that it was as good as watching a movie.

I have probably watched every dance-related movie, but never read a book about it till now. Hip-Hop is such an energetic and fun dance form and 1: The Intern has the same energy to it.”

Review @ My Love Affair With Books, August 2010

* * *

“I thought I’d read all the twists possibly in literature but this is one I had never come across before! If at any point during reading you feel like you want to give up, hang in there for the best last 40 pages I’ve ever encountered.”

Review @ Chicklish, October 2010

* * *

  1. Jess C Scott says:

    Below are some messages / e-mails from readers — always a pleasure to receive:

    * * *

    “A lot about this story appeals, and [Jess C Scott] definitely creates a curiosity in the reader to know what happens—an essential ingredient, indeed!”
    — Lindsey Kennedy [via email]

    * * *

    “Hi, my name is kimberly and i’m from a small country called St. Vincent it’s in the caribbean. I just want to tell you that even though i purchased your book by accident it turned out to be one of the best books i’ve ever read {i read about 3 book a day}. The intern gets 2 thumbs up from me. and thank you very much for writing it.”
    — Kimberly S., September 2010

    * * *

    “This series sounds great. I’m glad the author’s going the light-hearted route with this. We need more comedy in YA.”
    Jennifer Hoffine, September 2010

    * * *

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