Popularity, Sex, Drugs in Teen Novels

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Popularity Sex and Drugs
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I suppose it might come as a surprise that I chose to write a mainstream “seven deadly sins” series [though I do have a darker, more “alternative” version I’d like to play around with in future ;)]. My first two books were multiple-genre-crossing — I don’t intend to experiment too much with the writing style which will characterize the SINS07 series.

What I did have in mind was something lighthearted and humorous (without being devoid of substance — I always aim for some level of substance, according to my standards).

I deliberately chose not to glam up popularity, sex, and drugs [(like in Gossip Girl, etc, so if you enjoy those books, my books will probably not be your cup of tea (you’re still always free to check out some excerpts!)].

The psychologist Abraham Maslow studied what he called exemplary people, such as Albert Einstein and Eleanor Roosevelt. I think I follow a slightly similar work ethic, with my writing material.

I like to create/write about protagonists who go through a journey, and come out better people — a journey where the character’s true worth isn’t based on superficial traits like one’s physical hotness/drool factor. What makes a real relationship an ultimate experience is the actual interactions between the two people that are supposed to be sharing a love. I don’t subscribe to the notion of “true love” being based on “how hot the person is” — because at the end of the day, there still will be a real, living person underneath the exterior. A beautiful soul and a beautiful body are not necessarily the same thing.

So, as I was saying…I believe there is a lot more to life than popularity, sex, and drugs. And while these elements are common in the subject matter of teen books/products (and aren’t completely left out in the SINS07 series — that would be a little bit unrealistic, especially since it *is* a “deadly sins” series), SINS07 will feature such elements in a fun (and purposeful) way.

I respect my readers that way.


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