The dedication in 1: The Intern reads:

“For dance enthusiasts everywhere, Rain, and Def Dance.”

In no particular order, here is a list of people/artistes who directly influenced and inspired some of the material in the first book of the SINS07 series, 1: The Intern (the dance portions/sequences, specifically!). The YouTube videos showcased are worth checking out not once, not twice, but multiple times.

I’ve included short excerpts from the book, when suitable.

1. MICHAEL JACKSON (R.I.P. King of Pop)

Everybody in hip hop/pop music right now has in one way or another, been influenced by Michael Jackson. This is just one of the most awesome-tastic videos of all time.

2. BI RAIN (Korean Pop Star)

Rainism was the first dance which I absolutely *had* to learn how to do (here is a YouTube link to my solo Rainism attempt). The start of the superliciously hot video features males pole dancing (Bi Rain’s, not mine!).

3. BEYONCE (one of the most talented + hardest working R&B professionals in the industry)

Excerpt from 1:The Intern, Chapter 4:

“You’re a Beyoncé fan?” Jo.Zee’s tall enough to be holding onto one of the handrails. “I saw Monika showing you that move with the hand.”
I feel like I need to lean my whole body against the pole. It might help me feel more steady on my feet.

“I like her songs,” I reply. I hope I looked all right when he was watching.

“She does all her choreography in heels, too.”

4. DEF DANCE (Korea)

Def Dance is the #1 dance school in Korea.


Chapter 14 in 1: The Intern features a hip hop dance battle.

6. BHANGRA EMPIRE / Bhangra is a folk dance from Northwest India (Punjab)

Excerpt from 1:The Intern, Chapter 2:

Four people are hanging around outside a music club called Funky² (so says the neon signboard). If I’m not wrong, the DJ booth is right at the entrance. I take a quick look…one of them is doing a vibrant mix of folk and hip hop type moves on the street!

7. SHAKIRA (Colombia)

Chapter 3 of the book is titled “Hips Don’t Lie” ;).

8. 2NE1 / Hip Hop Korean Girl Group (Korea)

Chapter 14 (the dance battle chapter) is titled “Fire.” Very catchy song, especially if you like electronica/dance music.


“Dancers aren’t born, they evolve.” — very inspiring videos + tutorials from this dude.

10. DAFT PUNK / Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (France)

* An insane video (by King Julian from France) to a song by the excellent French electronic music duo, Daft Punk (here is a YouTube link to my solo Daft Punk Body attempt).

Excerpt from 1:The Intern, Chapter 3:

I guess my random prancing about in the privacy of my own room has served me well. I’m gonna go on a mission to thank all the people who uploaded their videos onto YouTube. How else would I have learned what I already know?

11. SE7EN / Korean Pop Star

One of the best videos of guys dancing. Beautiful choreography (by 26 year-old choreographer, Shaun Evaristo).


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