seven deadly sins, lust

1: The Intern (cover version #2 | Jess C Scott)

1: THE INTERN — Book#1, Seven Deadly Sins

* Book #1 (Lust) in Jess C Scott’s Sins07 “seven deadly sins” series—a teenage version of Dirty Dancing meets Punk’d.

SUMMARY: Suzie Quinn, smart kid and closet dance enthusiast, travels with a classmate to a world-class city for an internship program. She finds herself undeniably attracted to the suave hip-hop instructor, Jo.Zee, who recruits her into a dance fitness DVD he is producing. When Suzie sees (or thinks she sees) the real Jo.Zee, she has to decide if she will trust him…or her instincts.

ISBN: 145368493X

GENRE: Young Adult / Humor / Contemporary.

* SINS07 is a series featuring lighthearted tales that explore each of the seven deadly sins in order, beginning with lust.

EXCERPT: First Chapter


  1. […] who directly influenced and inspired some of the material in the first book of the SINS07 series, 1: The Intern (the dance portions/sequences, specifically!). The YouTube videos showcased are worth checking out […]

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